DORiE Documentation

Welcome to the DORiE Documentation!

DORiE is a DUNE module for solving the Richards equation, and optionally the passive transport equation for soil water flow.

The source code is available from the public repository. A ready-to-use application is available from Docker Hub.

DORiE is free software and licensed under the GNU General Public License Version 3. For further information, refer to the Copyright Notice.

DORiE complies to Semantic Versioning. Version number assignment and increment are based on the Public API.

Just getting started?

Here’s some information on how to proceed:

  • The Feature Overview will show you which equations DORiE solves and which models it offers.

  • The README contains information on how to set up DORiE on your machine.

  • Use the Cook Book to dive right into some exemplary simulations!

  • Consult the “Manual” section of you seek in-depth information on the single features of DORiE.